Linda Worster


"Linda speaks with the radiance of the heart spirit." - Paul Winter

Linda's newest collection of songs, musing on the human condition.

Linda Worster is dedicated to her life as a songmaker, vocalist and musician. Her interest in music dates back to early piano lessons, solo parts in her church’s children’s choir, and singing harmonies to Broadway show tunes with family members. In high school, Linda found solace in singing and playing the guitar, driven by a passion for the songs of the Beatles. This love eventually led to playing in a band with her brother and other friends in college. At that time, she also began writing songs of her own. Upon graduating from college, Linda put her sociology degree to good use- touring as a solo musician throughout New England, New York, and New Jersey.

She has performed in many coffeehouses, colleges, churches, healing centers, cafés, and clubs; and opened for many well-known artists including Livingston Taylor, Harry Chapin, Paul Stookey (of Peter, Paul, and Mary), Leo Kotke, David Bromberg, Bill Staines, Dave Mallett, Jonathan Edwards, Joan Baez, Richie Havens, and Taj Mahal.

Livingston Taylor added his vocal talent to Linda’s 1986 album “The Choice”. In 1989, Linda co-wrote and recorded a duet with Joseph Shabalala (of Ladysmith Black Mambazo) on her “Moment to Moment” album. She’s also joined on that album and on "True Friend" (2003) by longtime friend, Eugene Friesen (cellist for the Paul Winter Consort).


Most of my recorded work can be found at:

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“In this world filled
with heavenly light,
everything here is alright.”

Her music and lyrics proclaim the joy and explore the struggle of inner discovery. They are alive with the vitality of her dedication to seeking and discovering the magic and the mysteries of life. Linda’s deep concern for the environment and for the choices we need to make to turn things around for future generations have inspired much of her writing. Her songs speak the truth of feelings that many people say they find hard to express. People say her songs touch their hearts and make them feel good. Paul Winter has said, "Linda speaks with the radiance of the heart spirit." And, he added, "Linda Worster is the greatest thing since sliced tofu".

Besides her vast catalog of songs and albums, Linda also records and performs with the music ensemble HuDost.